every horse deserves a massage

Please note that I work mostly with equine athletes that are within one hour of Calgary. If you are outside of this travel area, reach out and I can chat with you about a few options that I can offer to help your horse feel their best. 


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Enhance equine athletic performance with full body massage therapy. Each session includes a full body massage therapy session, a detailed Vitality Equine report & suggested stretches and activations specially intended for your equine athlete.


$125 +GST & applicable travel fees


Photo by HerStory Western Lifestyle Photography

Get the road map to your equine athlete’s musculature. We all strive for a connected and dynamically balanced athlete. Take the knowledge from this comprehensive assessment and apply it to your training program to make sure you are individualizing your program to your athlete’s soft tissue needs!

                                                                                                                    $225 +GST & applicable travel fees

have you booked your session?

I can’t wait to meet you. And your horse, of course! Kindly fill out this intake form and waiver prior to your first session. It’s all online and you will get a copy emailed to your for your records. You can also find it in your introductory email. Can’t wait to facilitate some healing with your horse!



How often should I book my horse a massage? I recommend horses that are working 3+ times a week should be on a 4-8week massage schedule. It’s less about the time between sessions and more about the consistency between each session.

How long is a session? Each session is between 45 min to 1 hour in length.

What do you do in each session? I start off with a thorough static and dynamic evaluation of your athlete, before deciding which areas I would like to focus the session on. Then we talk about their movements while I facilitate the massage, and we finish with me giving you some suggested exercises based on your horse’s musculature.

How do I prepare for my massage? Make sure your horse is dry, and groomed before the session.

It’s winter time, can you do outdoor massages? Yes, however, I will not facilitate any massages below -10C outside. Cold temperatures do not make it for an effective session for me or your equine athlete. If it is snowing, or if there is no wind shelter available outdoors, we cannot proceed with the session.

Do you offer haul-in locations for winter? Yes! I work closely with Energy Equine (Airdrie) and Synergy Equine (DeWinton) to offer haul-in services that are available for use all year long.

My horse is lame, can you fix them? Unfortunately, I cannot. If I work with your horse and notice they are presenting signs of lameness, or if they are feeling quite off, I will recommend you bring them to your attending veterinarian before seeing me.

Why don’t you work on lame horses? When we do not know what is causing the root of the issue, it can be dangerous to apply a massage therapy session. The session can mask the underlying issue, or in fact exacerbate the issue making it worse. I believe in working with a team, and lameness is not in my wheelhouse, let’s call your vet first.

After the lameness is diagnosed can you help? YES!! This is where I thrive! I love helping horses after they have been properly diagnosed and treated by a vet. I can help with compensatory and musculoskeletal issues that have arisen has a result of the injury.

Can massage prevent injury? It sure can! Keeping muscles supple, thus joints nice and flexible, is the best way to prevent injury! Smooth operating tissues are essential to reduce compensatory mechanisms from arising and to create max shock absorption to avoid any injuries from concussive forces.

What are the benefits of equine massage? Similar to human athletes, massage therapy for horses has many of the same benefits! It increases circulation, increases joint ROM and flexibility, accelerates recovery time post-exercise, reduces scar tissue formation, improves mental health…and so much more!

How much do you charge for travel fees? I charge $30 per hour. I will often split my travel fees for the day with all of my clients, so it is typically between $10-$15 in travel fees per horse.

Do you travel further than an hour of city limits of Calgary? I do, yes, but in order to make the travel time worth my time, I require a minimum of 5 horses anywhere outside of an hour from Calgary. Alternatively, I do offer haul-in services, and we can meet halfway!

have more questions? don't hesitate to reach out!