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Try an online assessment!

Get the road map to your equine athlete’s musculature. We all strive for a connected and dynamically balanced athlete. Take the knowledge from a comprehensive online assessment of your athlete and apply it to your training program to make sure you are individualizing your conditioning to YOUR OWN athlete’s soft tissue needs!

Get a comprehensive assessment of your equine athlete’s movement and posture from me.  You will also get a recommended exercise routine based on your equine athlete’s assessment that includes both in hand and under saddle exercises. 

Working closely along your equine professionals, Vitality Equine provides a comprehensive online  assessment and recommendations based on your equine athlete’s needs. 

$75 +GST

how it works

1. Intake Form

You will be given an Initial Intake Form to fill out. This form is highlighting information about your athlete’s performance history and current training program. In this form, it will give you the list of specific photo and video media data that you will need to submit in order for me to make my evaluation. 

2. Image & Video Evaluation

Using the photo and video media that you provide I will look at various components. With the images, I will take into consideration the conformation of your equine athlete. Using conformation standards, I observe the proportions of your athlete’s limbs and body structure in relationship to the rest of the body. Of course, I do not use this information solely on it’s own. Because we all know that one horse that has a short neck but great scope, but it at least gives us a base of their framework to understand the athlete before we look at their movements. 
With the video footage, I then take into consideration their conformational attributes, while observing their postural preferences (for example. do they like to lean in a certain direction), and most importantly I observe their biomechanics- to see how all of their muscles, and bones work together to produce movement. I look at everything from fetlock flexion to head carriage. 
3. Specific Exercise Program
Based on my evaluations I will give you specific movement recommendations and exercises to apply to help balance out the biomechanic asymmetries that we have observed. This is a tool to help with your existing conditioning program, to help you target your training based on their musculoskeletal movement patterns.